This is some fucking bullshit
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nih writes:

-- r--ts of nihilizm began when a awesome guy named the Revenant from ohio usa brought me for a birthday present - way back in 1999 but moved to 2000 - since my birthday is 31st dec (*:

missing you still mr reve - hope your well and living happily

THEN i met another cool cat in real life by the name of h--k who now is the admin for fucking and - and helped a girl out and slapped into one of his many dirz im sure in his massive I BET collection. AND HAS FORGOTTEN ME (*:

old school

i thought i was sooo cool ffffft

nawwwwwww -- September 30? - 1999 - A New Beginning

Like to read, draw, write poetry, listen to people talk No make that -
Watch people talk, fawking, laughing at mara, my english Accsent, American Accsents, Insense - sandlewood - opium, People with attitude, culture, indians -- i wanna indian, computers, security, learning things I Wanna learn, Denial, Looserz, Negativizm, Syn, 2 pac, Lawlessness, Tha Use Of My Forefinger, My Dreads, Nothingness, Renunciation, Krazy bone, Snoop dawg, Peter Steele, movement, dance, music -of All kinds - Tha gothic scene, hmm wish their was a 'scene' here. Black - Anything!, gray, purple, silver and sometimes gold. Bob, BOOKS, vampyres, immortals of any kind, Bibles, Hideously disfigured, 2 pac, Emotional Slawtah, Bob, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, outkast, 2 PAC, Nat Dawg, Dr dre, Busta Rhymes, Nappy Roots, Crucial Conflict, Missy Elliot, Bone, Poetic Hustlas, Total, Twista, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Lions, Dragons, ninjafairys, marmite land ummm and 2 pac (; .. Ghosts, Graveyards, Trees, bluelaggon, Happy people -lie. WATER!, Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Rain, Darkness, all The elements, Space .. Love .. Give Meh Sum Luv *(*:
[Player Hater Section - As Follows] - a/s/l, Drug Addicts, People Who Believe In Satan, And or Whorship It, Evilness, Rapists!

oh yea thanks for the fucking job help? - its either money orrrr get 3 and 1/2 months of a year to garden - hmmmmm


im loving this link its old i remember going through this a few years back but interesting to see my poor old namesake gone to waste it seems cuz someone has forgotten - bloody god damn

old school

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