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:: Song Of The Moement :: By Ikue Asazaki -- Obokuri-Eemui
@ :: lifestyle ::     May 14 2015, 23:06 (UTC+0)

By Ikue Asazaki

nih writes: -- By Ikue Asazaki

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arayashikiku no dei
(in search of a new land)

harasaku baku no dei
(lets build a new house)

hare fushigyurasa nejyuku
(by neatly gathering hay)

surajifushiro yondo
(to thatch the roof)

hare fushigyurasa nejyuku
(by neatly gathering hay)

fushigyurasa nejyuku
(neatly gathering hay)

surajifusero yondo
(to thatch the roof)

kirishigaki ku no dei
(at the stone walls)

kuganeya be tatei tei
(lets celebrate the golden house)

hare momo tobyuru wakya
(that was built)

ya uriba yuwa o yondo
(by a hundred carpenters)

hare momo to byuru wakya
(that was built)

momo to byuru wakya
(was built)

ya uriba yuwa o yondo
(by a hundred carpenters)

hateigachi ya naryuri
(August draws near)

tobibani ya neranu
(but i have nothing to wear)

hare utou katabani
(i want to dress up)

ya karachitabore
(brothers .. lend me a sleeve)

hitotsu aru bani ya
(i want to dress the children and those i love)

kanasha se ni kusuitei
(with the single kimono i own)

hare wanu ya okuyama
(i will wear vines)

nu kazuradasuki
(that i picked deep within the mountains)

ojyuugoya no teiki ya
(the full moon shines)

kami gyurasa teryuri
(far and wide like the gods)

hare kana ga jyo ni tataba kumo tei taborei
(when my lover comes to visit .. i wish the clouds would hide it a little)

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