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"Try not. Do or do not there is no try..."

:; Song Of The Moement :: By Katatonia -- In The White
@ :: lifestyle ::     Dec 09 2014, 00:34 (UTC+0)

# Jonas Renkse - lead and backing vocals ------- # Anders Nyström - lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards ------- # Fred Norrman - lead/rhythm guitar ------- # Daniel Liljekvist - drums ------- # Mattias Norrman - bass guitar -------

nih writes: -- By Katatonioa -- Album: The Great Cold Distance

w.a.t.c.h vid l.i.v.e on utube

w.a.t.c.h vid on utube

are you in .. or are you out
the words are stones .. in my mouth
hush little baby .. dont you cry
truth comes down .. strikes mein the eye


turning season .. within
brand new nails .. a cross my skin
but who am i .. to imply
that i was found .. that i found you in the white

to overcome this
i become one with
quiet cold of .. late november
if you dont see
ill remain un-seen
till therez time to .. be remembered


so i had a .. green light
i was lost in .. city lights
not so far from try
this is not our last goodbye
so i had a .. green light
i was lost in .. city lights
not so far from try
this is not our last goodbye


dont you cry

so i found you
found a way .. all through
the quiet cold of .. inner darkness
now that youre here
it becomes so clear
i have waited for you always

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