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:: Random Art :: and yea i need a better camera
@ :: lifestyle ::     Mar 11 2011, 19:43 (UTC+0)
nih writes: Click on image to bring it out to correct size

:: Updated 22nd March 2009 ::
:: Updated 14th March 2011 ::

one of my first
    one of my first drawings

:::: ::::

my first painting    one of my first

one of my favorites .. this little pic i drew with a black pen straight to paper and i situated her in my lounge underneath the windowsill .. [you see the white part is the bottom of the sill] .. behind a hanging pot plant .. you have to look carefully to see it -- and one of my fav photos of me .. my dreaded days .. *sniff*

one of my first    d

im still working on this one even if it is a few years old .. im looking for inspiration to fill in the gold part with something .. one day it will be finished .. AND its the biggest piece of all .. its about 1 metre long by 3 foot wide .. n GAWD what was i thinkin about the poncee flowers n shit on the side?

mylady    leaves

Im not sure if these are self portraits .. i actually diddnt think of myself when i drew them, but i shoved a photo of myself in my earlier days when i was dreadlocked .. and i guess ther eis a simularity going on --

I sent the first pics uptop to a freind over america by the name of Revenant one of my first close freinds online and one of the first to call himself Revanat online because im going back to 1997 (*: .. i do miss you *(*: and i wonder where your at these days .. i hope your still alive and kickin -- the image explains itself .. that was one of my first drawings on a whole page of A4, quite small

ALSO which is very important .. he brought me this domain back in 1999 and im sure he would be happy that i still keep it and will till the day i die *(*: .. even then i will make sure my daughter keeps this domain name

another thanks must go to h00k who provides me with space on his servers .. why because he is a most e.x.c.e.l.l.e.n.t freind .. whom it feels i never seem to repay back .. with all the help he has given to me through out the years .. you rule .. and you knowit *(*:

and if you wanna contact me .. do it here but dont if you dont like the music i listen to (*:

im quite serious

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Mar 31, 2016

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